Makes people's life better
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Make dining experience memorable than ever

Food and beverages, hospitality, event organizing / strategy. We make your dining experience memorable than ever

Great Products
Every product we introduce must be unique contribution to the market, not one that is introduced just for purpose of making money. It must therefore be innovative, high quality, and the unquestioned best in its category.
Great customer service
Our service standard are as stiff as our product standards. We should treat our customer as we would our best friends.
Golden Rule
We should treat those with whom we have dealing as we ourselves would like to be treated.

Introduction to

Altima Group

Founded in 2003, ALTIMA group is one of the market leaders in F & B that exclusively focus in restaurant and cafe business. Every of our restaurants represent our business philosophy, which ‘Makes people’s life better’. ALTIMA group provides a distinctive choice of restaurant concepts with unique setting as well as providing outstanding service and product. Experience has shaped us to be ready to face the market with various demands and focus on achieving the highest satisfactory resulting in memorable dining experience.

You’ll come back over and over again.
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